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Brian 1Brian H. C. Holt is the son of legendary reggae recording artist, John Holt. Born in Kinston 13 and raised in the Meadowbrook Estate area in Jamaica, Brian grew up with his dad, grandparents and half siblings. As was expected, he developed a love for music at a very young age. He remembers sitting in his living room as a child playing several LP and EP vinyl records for hours.

Although he was surrounded by music from birth, his official journey towards a career as a singer did not commence until he was about seventeen years old. By this time he was living with his mother in Connecticut, as his dad was back and forth between Jamaica and the United Kingdom. After school, Brian and his friends would go to a particular schoolmate’s house and take turns performing over various rhythms.

When he turned nineteen years old a friend of the family who was also a producer, heard him and invited him to the studio to lay vocals. He recorded a track entitled “I don’t wanna be there,” which was released in both Connecticut and New York. Despite the fact that the song was well received, Brian found it difficult to maintain a consistent career in music as he was also involved in other things. That being said, in 2015 he recorded and released two new tracks: one dedicated to his father, entitled, “lost dad” and a cover version of “lost love.”

Though he has not recorded and released a lot of music over the years, Brian remained visible on the live scene, as he was always performing at various events. His most recent major performance was at the 2015 Jazz and Blues Festival in Jamaica and his dad’s memorial, held in the same year.

Anyone wanting to work with Brian Holt may do so by contacting Whatage Music via email address or phone +1(876) 347-1766



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