Jamaican Publicists and Promoters are scamming upcoming artists & producers – Be Careful

00-scam alertA couple weeks ago two separate cases of scamming came out in the news. First was from a female reggae artist living overseas who was apparently ripped off by two prominent music publicists here in Jamaica. And the second was from an emerging male artist who was misled by a local radio personality/promoter. In both cases the artists lost so much money that they made the incident public.

Normally we would not write about this type of thing, but because people also reach out to us to assist in their promotion/publicity, it was absolutely necessary that we use the opportunity to differentiate ourselves from the scammers.

The first and probably most important thing for people to know about Maria Jackson Entertainment is that the company is owned by an artist and it is operated by regular music professionals: DJs, artists, poets, event promoters etc. That being said, we are all disgusted whenever we hear of these incidents. In the past we use to collaborate with radio personalities here in Jamaica to facilitate our clients who wanted radio promotion. We had to put a stop to that because the radio DJs were not properly promoting the songs they were being paid to push. The situation has gradually deteriorated to where it is now… blatant scamming!

MJE has been around since 2007 and we have never had one report of scamming or anything of that nature made against us. As a matter of fact we have always gone over and above to please our clients. And I am sure they will testify to that. Visit our website at www.mjent.net to learn about who we are and what we do.


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