MJE presents MUSIC TO THINK TO Reggae Mix – Vol. 1

music to think to artworkIn an effort to promote consciousness, Maria Jackson, the CEO and owner of MJE has put together a reggae mix titled MUSIC TO THINK TO. It features 17 thought provoking, but conscious, reggae tracks performed by various artists. Featured on the mix is Mikey General, Luciano, Omar Perry, Karamanti, Humanuwah, Assassin aka Agent Sasco, Kappo, I-Wayne, Peppery and several others.

This mix is ideal for reggae lovers who are also seeking spiritual enlightenment, as it has snippets from one of Sadhguru’s (the Indian mystic) talks on spirituality. One song that must be highlighted is the very first record on the mix called “Greater” by Emmanuel I. This very powerful track is approximately eight minutes long and it is done in acoustic style. It sets the tone for what is to come on the rest of the mix.

Some recently released records that are currently getting good rotation worldwide have also been added. Songs like “natty nah grow” by Karamanti, “stronger” by Agent Sasco, “sipple out deh” by Peppery and ofcourse the big track from the veteran Mikey General, “humble calf.”

This powerful reggae mix is complimented by an amazing artwork which features on its cover Kappo, Omar Perry, Mikey General, Karamanti, Luciano, I-Wayne, Humanuwah and Peppery. Pictures of the artists are spread across a clean background with all the information written in white.

A lot of energy went into the making of this mix and the hope is that everyone who hears it feels that energy and grows spiritually as a result of having heard it. Listen on MJE YouTube channel:


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