Hip-Hop Artist Obibini Grinds Hard On His Cover Of Desiigner’s Panda (@Obibiniboafo)

@ObibiniboafoCovers have often carried a negative connotation — they were once seen as a less talented or unsuccessful artiste act of “stealing” work from another composer, to make that quick buck. These days, music covers are recognized as one artiste paying homage to another in a show of love and admiration of the other’s music.

Released from toontoom studios, “Grind Time” is a cover of Desiigner’s billboard chart topper Panda. Written and performed by OBIBINI the song paints from an artiste’s perspective, a lyrical picture of a nation, intelligently describing the socio-economic landscape of the country. Obviously Black Infinitely Bold Intelligent & Naturally Inspiring, OBIBINI the lyricist from Africa Ghana, did not mix words, boldly pronouncing this song as the ‘illest of all covers’. Reality lyrics, no tricks or gimmicks; listen, it’s all about the money; “Grind Time”, a narrative of current happenings in Africa Ghana.

Story by: Adokwei Addo


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