Warrior King’s Biography (@Warriorking9)

DSC_0328_pp (2)Like a bolt of lightning from the sky, Rasta messenger Warrior King has burst upon the scene, utilizing his gift of song to spread Jah truth throughout the world. Warrior King was born on the 27th of July, 1979, in Kingston’s Jubilee Hospital, soon moving to Clarendon and then settling in the growing city of Portmore at age eleven. “From birth I’ve always loved music, but it was not until I attended high school at the age of thirteen that I thought about it as something I could do myself,” Warrior King explains. “At that time I followed Bounty Killer’s style, but then my friends said “You have the potential. You have the talent.’ From there I started increasing my own thing, and with encouragement from my peers and divine inspiration, the music started to flow.”

Like many successful Jamaican entertainers, Warrior King gained his earliest stage experience in talent shows. “I started out with school concerts at first,” he says. “At the time when I just came into music, I used to do some combinations with a youth named “Likkle Blacks” Marlon Stewart. We used to do Tastee’s Talent Shows, etc so we could really start getting exposure and gain experience. When he first started out, Warrior King chatted in a hardcore deejay style like his original hero and mentor, Bounty Killer. A switch to the more holistic “Singjay” sound came gradually. “It’s a natural thing that has grown inside of me, even without me realizing it,’ the singer reasons. “People started telling me they love my style of singing now. So, really and truly it’s just a natural change.” Even his name is an extension of this evolution. “Frisco Kid changed my name from ‘Junior King’ to ‘Warrior King’ because it has a more spiritual feel to it. Fighting against oppression, fighting against wrong. I’m Jah Warrior, yuh know, fighting a war of rootical love.

Warrior King’s debut single, “Virtuous Woman,” was an international smash hit, its righteous lyrics prompting the Jamaica Observer to declare the singer “one of the artistes who has made a difference.” Since his auspicious beginning, Warrior King’s compositions have consistently charted not only in his native Jamaica, but throughout the entire Caribbean, New York, California, London, Tokyo, and beyond. “A Friend Indeed” received heavy rotation in Jamaica, while “Jah Is Always There” was a summer smash on Atlanta’s More Fire chart. The inclusion of “Never Go Where Pagans Go” on VP Records’ compilation set “Reggae Gold” further raised the artist’s pubic persona. Tracks like “Virtuous Woman,” “Can’t Get Me Down” and other compositions have built the foundation of Warrior King’s reputation. Warrior King has now released four internationally acclaimed albums, entitled “Virtuous Woman, Hold the Faith, Love is in the Air, Tell Me How Me Sound”.

Now the conscious singer has released his newest full-length album entitled “The ROOTZ WARRIOR.” Each song featured on the CD has a different style and the message emphasizes Purity, Truth, Strength, and Love. “Ain’t Giving Up” is the first international single from the new Rootz Warrior album, and the track already smashing barriers on radio publicity machines around the globe.

Warrior King believes that education is the key to better lives and hopes that his music will serve to convey the teachings of His Imperial Majesty, Haile Selassie I. “As a Rastafarian, I understand we must teach religious Tolerance , Peace between all, and I just don’t sing music, I sing music with a purpose, a mission, and Love. To the four corners of the Earth,” says Warrior King, “I carry my music, the message of the King, and the message of Love to all people of all races…”

The new Warrior King album “The Rootz Warrior” is now available…

Contacts: Warrior King Productions and Management – warriorkingontour@gmail.com MMCo Tel +33 6 42 50 8793


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