Jamaican Singer, Ruach Ru, Awarded For New Single By California’s Akademia Music Awards (@RuachRu)

Ruach Ru - Watering I

Magic sometimes happens when an artiste puts pen to paper and thoughts and inspiration to riddims. Such was the case with the song Watering I.

When Ruach received the riddim file from music composer Junior ‘Candy Bim’ Wilson, the song unfolded within hours. Studio required only one take, and all who experienced that moment were drawn to the songs deep spiritual and poetic feel. To promote the single, Ruach hosted a series of family friendly, conscious message inspired shows in Boscobel, St. Mary (Jamaica), titled affectionately, Watering I https://www.facebook.com/WateringIWednesdays/.

Received with overwhelming positive reviews from local audiences, Watering I, the single, went on to claim for itself the Best Reggae Ballad Award from The Akademia Music Awards in February. The Akademia Music Awards is based in California and they recognize the work of indie artistes. Click here to view what they had to say about Watering I.

With continuing growing support from reggae lovers worldwide, Ruach and her team now hit the road with Watering I the single and supporting video, released June 13, 2016. DJs may send an email to mariajacksonent@gmail.com for a copy of the mp3.


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