Ruach Ru’s ‘Watering I’ getting a lot of support from several African media houses (@RuachRu)

RUACH RUA few weeks ago, Jamaica’s lioness, Ruach Ru, released the official video for her track, ‘Watering I’ and immediately captured the attention of several media houses both here at home and abroad.

Ruach Ru is no stranger to industry insiders in Jamaica so it’s not surprising that she got the kind of support she did from reggae lovers in Jamaica and those in the Diaspora. What was surprising however was the way in which some African and even European media houses got behind the song and the video. Several major African platforms (blogs, entertainment website, radio etc.) are now aggressively promoting both the record and its visuals; and the momentum has now been picked up in Poland and is slowly spreading across Europe.

To say that ‘Watering I’ is a powerful song would be a gross understatement. More than just being powerful, the song is simply addictive, causing the listener to become engulfed in what seems like an inexplicable force. If you have not yet seen the video, watch it below and enjoy.

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