Reggae-music pioneer Glen Adams’ Bio

Glen Adams

Glen Adams

Reggae organist and vocalist Glen Adams first came to prominence in the late 60’s as a solo singer and member of the Reggae Boys/Hippy Boys, although he had spent time earlier in the decade as part of the Pioneers. His noisy, but varied, organ style made him a favorite in the studio bands of Lee Perry and Bunny Lee, and Adams was first choice for Perry’s band on the UK tour that followed his 1969 hit, ‘Return Of Django’.

Perry was unlucky when ‘A Live Injection’, the most likely follow-up to ‘Django’, failed to chart, as Adams’ playing on the record was astonishingly exciting. As part of Perry’s Upsetters, Adams backed the Wailers, and when Bob Marley took Perry’s rhythm section, the Barrett Brothers, with him to Island Records, Adams remained loyally with Perry. However, by 1973-74 a new life was beckoning in the USA, and Adams began to spend more and more time in Brooklyn, issuing records on his own Capo label.

He finally moved to New York permanently in 1975, working on the Clocktower and Bullwackie labels, his material betraying the new influences of soul and funk. In the early 80’s he worked with rapper T Ski Valley, meeting with limited success, and appears to have retired from the business.

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