Canadian Hip-hop Artist Tha Vor Drops Back To Back Singles (@thavor)

00-thavor storyAfter getting a lot of attention from his recently released collab with Keon Love, “now you’re gone,” Tha Vor has decided to release two new singles simultaneously. About a week and a half ago, he dropped the thought provoking tracks: “knowledge of self” and “mama prays for her son.” Both songs have heavy reggae/dancehall under-tones; this is in part due to Tha Vor’s Jamaican background.

Addressing the issue of lack of self knowledge, particularly within the black community, Tha Vor encourages his listeners to acquire knowledge of self on the record with the same name; while on “mama prays for her son” he talks about the importance of loving and respecting our mothers, as well as their commitment to us. Both songs can be streamed via MJE YouTube links below.

“mama prays for her son”

“knowledge of self”

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