Mitch – Bio

12189959_10209136588121760_2123125026922574816_nAt a very early age growing up in the heart of Kingston, Jamaica, Roger ‘Mitch’ Mitchell, the first of three children started showing signs of artistic talent. whether he was drawing some comic book heroes or real life images or singing at church with the choir, it was clear from then where his path would be in life. His birthday gift at the age of 8 was an acoustic guitar and having a music Loving father (Clervis Mitchell) was even better. He taught him the basics and that’s all he needed because ‘Mitch’ had an ear for music so he didn’t need to know the name of chords to play the guitar, you see he has the ability play what’s in his head without knowledge of what keys to touch.

“besides going to church on Sundays me my brother and sister would attend television and radio programmes for kids and by age of 10 I wrote my first song,“ explained Mitch. By the time he was a teenager he was entering singing contests and although he may not have won the first few by himself, he would eventually.
A lover of sports, he was a member of both the volleyball and basket ball teams at Kingston Technical High School, where the volleyball team gave the school some popularity by wining trophies after trophies. It was the evening after another successful volleyball tournament while heading home on a bus singing quietly to himself, or so he thought; a lady heard his voice and ask him if he would like to be a part of a group and there began the next chapter in his life.

No one in the group knew about harmonies except for Mitch so he was given the task to teach them, and so he did. They started doing cabaret at hotels just to improve on their craft and after a few years they entered a talent contest and came 2nd. They captured the interests of producers and popuplar artists and within a few years they had their first hit which was followed by several other. “It was the best years of my life,” recounts Mitch.

His time with ARP not only sharpened his vocal skills, but also cultivated his collaborative approach to music, one that is shared by great singers and producers alike. Although Mitch has moved on to a new chapter in life recording for the Gargamel Music label, he values the experience and continues in his persuit of a successful music career.

Citing a diverse collection of vocal influences which includes: R. Kelly ,Akon, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Babyface; Mitch is an accomplished artist who has worked with reggae musics heavyweight producers Sly and Robbie, Donovan Germaine, Don Corleon, Mickey Bennett, John John records, Payday Music, and of course Buju Banton (Gargamel Music). Today, with a string of hot singles (f..k you girl, want no more, dj, give me a call, boom draw, these are the needs, never never) behind him, it’s clear that ARP was just the beginning.


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