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Phil Watkis’ Biography (@ajanigamba)

Phil Watkis
Phil Watkis, born January 20, in the parish of St. Ann Jamaica, is the music industry’s best kept secret. This golden child, who has a zest for life, is family oriented and a lover of nature on all levels. He is always pushing his boundaries and setting new and higher levels of achievement.

Though Phil is from humble beginnings, he did not allow this to hinder his progress. He regales the defining moment in his life when he chose music or rather chose him. Being at the home of an elder musician friend’s home and strumming away on his friend’s guitar under a tree, when he was momentarily joined by a bird that moved progressively closer to him to join him in singing along to the melody he was playing. Instinctively, this surreal experience propelled Phil into action. He is a highly sociable individual who loves travelling to new places, meeting new people and learning about new cultures. This self-motivated young man’s interests span dominoes, the performing arts soccer, and being a great friend to those who are lucky enough to become a part of his life.

Phil accredits his definitive entrance to the industry to his mentor Mikie Bennett, who nurtured, directed, and continued to steer his energies in the right direction. Mikie Bennett is a musical guru; he is an explosion of talent, the quintessential musician’s musician. He is a producer, song writer, and manager; additionally, he adopts and mentors young and upcoming musicians, also adopting students from the Edna Manley school of Music – boasting young live bands, for which he garners corporate sponsorship for their ongoing and continued development.

Watkis undoubtedly has benefitted from this interaction and tutelage and is now able to prove his own unexpected talent to the industry. He has in his repertoire has been produced by Mikie Bennett, Dean Fraser, Eloy Daron, Mr. Willy Lindo and Romel Marshall. He boasts performances on shows such as Rebel Salute (2006), Roots Home Coming Festival (2006/2007 in Gambia), St. Mary Me Come From (2007), several US performances, numerous appearances on the prominent Jamaican morning shows on Television Jamaica, just to name a few. Watkis’ music transcends all genres and he doesn’t believe that he is defined by the specifics of any particular category; his strategy is to enchant his audience with the perfect package: entertainment, life experiences, and substance.

Phil’s releases include “Bless our Souls Jah” (2004) his first, “Know my Friends” (2005) from which he was afforded some exposure, and in 2007:”Shake up Mi Natty”. He charts his progress from his days of banging on the desks in class making rhythms and singing with fellow artist Jahzeal ”Mr. Pepper” Walters to his first introduction to Mikie Bennett which came with constructive and rewarding criticism, to his birth into the performing arts, his introduction to the guitar (all under the tutelage of Bennett), his introduction to the voicing room, which led to air play on various radio stations and then to stage shows.

Between 2014 and 2015, Phil has released his single entitled “Falling For You”, “Mama Struggles” and “Broken Promises’. Since 2016, Phil is now signed with Jam Link International for Europe booking agent. In addition, he is signed to Inferno Music Group owned by Willie Covington.

Phil Watkis is by no means at the acme of his career, but so far is proud of the fact that he has pursued his dreams he feels that if he hadn’t, he would not have touched the few lives that he has. Watkis is an undeniable resource of extraordinary music which engenders love for others and for life itself which will continue to take us to new unforeseen heights. He continues to work hard and set new goals to reach his ultimate, mindful of his Grandmother’s ideology which is imprinted on his heart “This is great music and you will make it”.


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