Artists react to the recent killing of 2 unarmed Black men in America

Article by Maria Jackson


Terrence Crutcher (left) Keith Scott (right)

On Friday, September 16th, 2016, 40 year old Terrence Crutcher was killed by police officers in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was not armed nor was he breaking the law, he was simply standing next to his car which had stalled on the road. Terrence was a father, a husband, a churchgoing man and a college student; however, all the police officers saw was a “bad dude” – this is how they described him before they tasered and shot him.

A couple days later, in Charlotte, North Carolina, another unarmed Black man, Keith Lamont Scott was apparently sitting in his car with a book when police officers approached him, asked him to get out and shot him.

Both killings have gotten a lot of angry reaction from the public, this ofcourse includes members of the music industry. Via their social media, several artists gave their opinion.

Jamaican soul singer Etana tweeted: “I believe the shooting of innocent sun people is to drive fear into the hearts of the wiser younger ones.”

Hip-hop artist T.I. tweeted: “America continues to remind US this ain’t OUR country. It’s Theirs & they ain’t sharing it! Therefore. It’s #USorELSE #RIPTerenceCrutcher

2Chainz shared a picture of Terrence Clutcher and the officer that fired the shot that killed him and captioned it: “Looks like a bad dude and now he is dead based off his looks rest in peace brother

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