Tropicalfete Annoucnces Fundraising Barbeque For Brooklyn (@tropicalfete)

tropicalfete_tropicalfetelogo_3Tropicalfete, the official home for Caribbean culture, will be giving you an afternoon of good food and drinks as they hold a BBQ fundraiser event on October 8, 2016, 3PM at 644 E 34th St. Brooklyn NY, 11203 (between Avenue D & Foster Ave).

Proceeds from the barbecue will be used to support several of their programs such as Musicians Mentoring Musicians, Masquerade Center, Authors Connecting program, Body of Vibration and a lot more! This is in accordance with their aim to develop the community in the areas of arts and social services, particularly with the Caribbean culture. They believe that every dollar they raise will have a powerful impact on the lives of the people as they promote the existing culture which, not only reminds us how people have shaped our society and landscape over time, but also preserve our cultural identity and sense of place.

It’s going to be a savory Saturday afternoon so bring the kids, family and friends! For more information, you may call (646)630-5044 or (646)504-3384 and email
Google Map MTA Direction (Bus & Train: 2 & 5 Train to Newkirk Ave Stop)


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