Karamanti to be featured on Telesud TV’s AfroNight with Serge Fattoh (@Telesud_)

afronight2Last week recording artist Karamanti was interviewed by well-known TV personality Serge Fattoh on the popular AfroNight Show which transmits across Europe and Africa via Telesud TV (Paris).

In an attempt to widen her fan base, Karamanti did a two and a half week promo tour in France –arranged by Nat&Elo Vibes – where she introduced dancehall and reggae lovers in that region to her style of music, by doing a series of live shows and radio interviews.

Though the entire tour is considered a success, Karamanti and her team are particularly excited about the feature on the AfroNight TV show because they are aware of its impact on both continents (Europe & Africa).The interview lasted for approximately thirty minutes and will air this coming week. Persons may watch the program via Telesud’s website: http://www.telesud.com/emission/afronight/


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