Dominica Community Tourism

1487345_10152131109539058_77962189881484544_nSituated on the most eastern part of Dominica is Castle Bruce. The area around Castle Bruce has been inhabited for 5,000 years, first by Amerindians from South and Central America. Descendants of the Kalinago/Caribs lives near Castle Bruce and are very much part of the community. They called the place Kouanari which was later change by the Europeans to Castle Bruce. It is an area rich in natural resources: Castle Bruce boasts of many rivers, rich fertile agriculture soil, large forest and greenry. The high woods come close to the shore and there is a wide bay with a grand sweep of beach, a large freshwater lagoon at the mouth of the river and a headland that ends in two rugged islets topped by forests of their own. The Atlantic boisterous ocean is to the east while to the west is Mt. Fraiser.
From Castle Bruce adventurous sites include a hike through the village (south to Petit Soufriere , through Castle Bruce and north to the Kalinago territory, the rugged islets (when sea is calm), bathe in man rivers, Emerald pool, neighbouring villages national parks, hiking the Waitikubuli National Trails Etc. Just 30 minutes away from the airport and 45 minutes aways from capital Roseau

To take part in this amazing experience contact William McLawrence, Executive Member of the Dominica Community Tourism Association Inc (DCTAI) at 767.285.1812 or 767.316.1583. You can also send an email to

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