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Jerry Wonda Signs Dancehall-DJs Jugglerz and HipHop-Producer Jopez (@princewonda @JUGGLERZRADIO)

Jerry Wonda

German Dancehall-Djs Jugglerz and HipHop-Producer Jopez have signed with Jerry Wonda, Producer of the Album “The Score” by The Fugees. The team is currently in New York working on various projects at the exclusive Platinum Studios in Manhattan.

It’s a major step for German producers to be officially part of one of the world’s most influential Hip-Hop and Pop Music entities. The three-time Grammy Winner, Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis is the man behind some of Pop-Music biggest hits such as Whitney Houston’s “My Love Is Your Love,” Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie” or Carlos Santana’s “Maria Maria.” Jugglerz has entered the US Billboard Charts for Reggae Albums with their Label-Album “Jugglerz City” in April 2016.

Having met with Jugglerz for the first time in May, it was an instant connection between the focused and work-minded characters. Five months and three visits to New York later, Jugglerz and Jopez are now signed to Wonda Music, which sets the foundation for many fascinating projects.

Producing new beats and riddims for artists as well as re-working on the Studio’s large catalogue is daily business at Platinum Studios. Some of the projects include some of Pop-Music’s biggest names.


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