New Soca Release from Julien Believe ft. Beenie Man, Fadda Fox & Ricardo Drue

918d4b2b37dcbb9740006bb965c304eb-bahamian-icon-award-winner-julien-believe-invites-beenie-man-ricardo-drue-and-fadda-fox-to-the-party-with-smash-singleCreated to inspire ALL Caribbean nations that are united by their love of rhythmic vibes, this track has effortlessly earned its place amongst the upper echelon of hits for this season. Front man Julien Believe along with Fadda Fox, Ricardo Drue and Beenie Man present the new airwaves dominator, “Party Ambassadors.” Guaranteed to get you jumping, whining and celebrating, Party Ambassadors pays homage to the most celebrated festival in the Bahamas known as Junkanoo.

A true Caribbean kaleidoscope of flavor and fun, Junkanoo is the music and very soul of the Bahamian people. Party Ambassadors will light that fire “in ya belly” and get you whining your waistline all in the name of getting you feeling the rhythm and deeply immersed in the very soul of the Bahamian people.

Through flawless selection and execution of melodious vibrations, lyrics and composition, these Caribbean powerhouses call on all Junkanoo and Soca veterans to carry on the electrifying tradition and echo these sentiments to all amateurs to the craft. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN AND DOWNLOAD

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