R&B Song-bird India Arie Reacts to America’s Election Result with new music and a message (@indiaarie)

India Arie Performs At Fillmore Miami Beach

Following the recent election in the United States of America, rhythm and blues artist, India Arie, shared the following:

“My mission statement for the entirety of my 15 year career has been: “To spread love, healing, peace, and joy through the power of words and music.” 

While so many things that have happened in the world in recent years that have emboldened me in that mission my mission is the same. 

What’s new is that the outcome of this election has made me hungry to release new music!!!

ON November 27th I will release a new single!!!!  BREATHE – (click the link to see a live performance ) so look for that! 

ALSO!! A NEW ALBUM!!!!!  called “WORTHY” (link to IG Video of me singing worthy).  THAT is happening soon! Around February!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! 

Today – I offer this song!  that I actually wrote for myself at a time when I needed healing, AND, I wrote it for my God-Mother at a time when SHE needed healing ( after a surgery).  GIVE THANKS this song Is an actual prayer.   

In the great scheme of things the world will keep turning and there will be GRAND BEAUTY and GREAT DISASTERS – and there is no way around ANY OF IT – so let us live in the moment and let us all GIVE THANKS for this life we live, even when its hard. 

And, may we all remember There’s Hope.  Hope is not just expectation. In a spiritual sense, I believe that HOPE,  it is a living current like LOVE. So Keep the HOPE that things will evolve and come around for the better … because that is how life works.” 

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