What’s preventing you from getting on Major Festivals & Concerts?


Grace Nakimera

If you are sure that your music is good and you have a solid online presence but you still struggle with getting noteworthy gigs, the reason could be your approach. When I say your approach, I am referring specifically to the way you reach out to booking agents, event promoters and venues.

A lot of artists tend to send an email with their music, photo and bio attached and links to their videos in the body of the email. If that is your approach, that is the wrong approach. Professional agents, primarily those representing festivals and larger concerts, need one thing and one thing only, your EPK.

For those not familiar with an EPK, it is an Electronic Press Kit. When done right, an EPK should include everything about your career to date: photos, bio, press features, links to social sites, music, videos etc.

Once you have a good EPK then all you have to do is send a short email to the person doing the bookings and the only thing that should be attached is your EPK, nothing else. For more information on EPKs or to get one done send an email to info@mjent.net

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