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kingseyes20160105cMany international artistes struggle to find their space and musical identity. There are those who experiment with various musical styles and others who use their own culture to define their ultimate sound. For emerging reggae artiste “Kingseyes”, musical identity came from his exposure to a potpourri of cultures and backgrounds throughout his lifetime. His first single “Mamacita Bonita” demonstrates the arrival of a fresh new talent, with the energy that capitivates his audience, but strikes out in its own territory. The “Kingseyes” sound is appealing to reggae and soca followers, but can easily be identified with those who are soothed by smooth Lover’s Rock, Dancehall, Pop or House music. He defines his sound as Reggaeton – a blend of Jamaican dancehall, Trinidadian soca, Latin American salsa and electronica.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Kingeyes is no stranger to music having started his career at the age of 10, singing on school and church choirs back in his childhood hometown. With numerous opportunities available to his parents in Europe, he left Nigeria in 1993 and moved to Stuttgart, Germany where he has been residing since. While in Europe, Kingseyes explored many professional fields and currently holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Law and a Master of Arts degree in International Business Management and Strategy. With his many years of experience in Law and Business Management, Kingseyes soon realized that his true passion was with music. Finding balance with maintaining a day job and pursuing your true passion had not always been easy for this artiste, and found his solace recording and performing with a pop band called “E- Connection” in 1996. The group gained some recognition with hit single “Dreaming of You”, which was used as a soundtrack on of Germany’s leading soap opera series – “Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten”. The group changed its name to “Dream Beat” in 1998 and later recorded a cover version of Whitelion’s “When the Children Cry”, released on the Bravo hit compilation album in 1998.

He continued to tour and record singles with the group until 2000 when he embarked on his solo project. In that same year, Kingseyes teamed with the producers of Magic
Affairs to record pop single “Oh Lalala”. The song was never released because the parties could not settle on a satisfactory deal. Kingseyes recorded his last pop song in 2003 titled “I Can’t Stop Loving You”, the track was released by Universal Records and Digidance in the Netherlands.

By 2007, Kingseyes had perfected his craft as a “pop” musician and recording artiste, shared stage with top reggae performers including Luciano, Ziggy Marley, Inner Circle, I Threes, Linkon Kwesi Johnson, Gramps and Peter Morgan of Morgan Heritage, top pop acts of the 90’s – Funfactory, Pharaoh as well as Master Boy. Despite varied success and exposure as a pop artiste, his reggae inspiration forced him to experiment with the Jamaican rooted genre. Influenced by the sounds of veteran reggae stalwarts Beres Hammond, Jimmy Cliff, King Yellow Man, Freddy McGregor, Josey Wales, Shabba Ranks and the lengendary Bob Marley; Kingseyes created an infusion of reggae, ska and rocksteady as the frontman for “No Sports” – one of Germany’s best known Ska and Rocksteady bands. He led the band between 1999 and 2003.

Boasting over fifteen years in reggae and reggaeton music, Kingseyes delivers a unique concert experience during his performances, whether on a large open air reggae festival or in the typical European nightclub scene. He has performed in numerous cities in Germany and was featured on the annual Cologne Summerjam Reggae Festival in 2005 and 2007. Kingseyes has also toured major cities in Switzerland, Spain, Austria and France. Kingseyes also recently returned from the Gambia, where he had a successful ten days tour.

He is currently signed to independent label Nicbay Records/Juggler Records and worked with various international music producers to deliver his first 17-track reggaeton album, released early last year. Christopher Birch (Birch Records), Javier and Julian Montilla from Columbia produced tracks on the debut, along with German-based producers Royal Commanders, Jimmy Love from Harlem New York (USA), German producer and singer Ganjaman, Roger “Sunlounger” Shah, House of Riddim as well as Jugglerz.

Indeed, his passion for reggae music is based on the positive messages and the life it brings to its listeners. Kingseyes explains, “Reggae music has soul, and it is the soul of the music that never leaves your ears and your heart.” Though the album is a combination of reggae, dancehall and reggaeton flavours, it promises to be a captivating and moving debut that heralds the arrival of a gifted multicultural talent; one whose sound is familiar, yet inspiring to many. The album “Curiosity” is available for online downloads on iTunes, Musicload, Rhapsody, Play, Medion and Juno Download.

Kingseyes is hungry for success and is ready to take on the world. “ I am in this to stay, I want to take my music worldwide, I am here to inspire, revolutionize and break all barriers. The most high sees everything (Kingseyes).”

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