Canadian Artist UZMAN Rebrands With New Logo showing His Fusion Of Reggae And Hip-Hop (@UZMAN1)

slider-img0Having collaborated with established Reggae acts such as Jah Mason and Junior Reid, UZMAN has always fused his party-style rap music with Jamaica’s roots Reggae. In an attempt to show his love and commitment to both genres, he is now officially rebranding himself and releasing a new logo that he is calling: Fusing DA Fusion.

Though UZMAN resides in Ontario, Canada, he frequently visits and works in Jamaica; constantly promoting his collaborative Reggae releases. In Jamaica he is called the Patois Rapper, while in parts of urban America he is referred to as the Reggae Rapper. Knowing that hip-hop was originally created by a Jamaican, UZMAN believes he is a true representative of both genres.

With the single “night life,” which was a combination with Jah Mason, sitting atop several reggae charts worldwide, UZMAN is confident that this idea to rebrand and focus on fusing the different styles, is the way to go. For more about UZMAN visit his official website:

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