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Foundation French Artist Typcial Féfé Gears up for a Musical 2017

Story by Nat Ladiva

typical-fefeTypical Féfé is a foundation French reggae artist who has collaborated with several other established French acts: Tonton David, Nuttea, MC Janik, and that is just to name a few. He evolved from the sound system culture, journeying between France and the Caribbean. He is currently among the new generation / new vibration with artists like as Tiwony and Straïka D and together they work under the label Record 7 Seals.

Typical Féfé continues to work extremely hard in France and the Caribbean, where he recently shared the scene with the legendary group “Ruffneg” (in Martinique). They celebrated their 20 year career.

Fans and supporters of Typical Féfé now awaits his 2017 mixtape release which will include over 50 titles. Click here or on the image above to check out his recently released single.


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