how-was-your-day-1Talented musician, percussionist, producer and recording artist, Roughhouse continues to spread his message of peace, hopefulness and joy with his new single “How was your day?”. Roughhouse shares that his inspiration for this particular single came out of the simple observation of people greeting each other and not really engaging beyond the basic pleasantries. Roughhouse hopes “How was your day?” will inspire everyone to spend some more time connecting with each other. He released his first acoustic album in 2015 entitled “Take a look” followed by a personal reggae album “Peace and Inspiration.”

Roughhouse was born into a musical home in the parish of Manchester as his father Keith Powell Senior played guitar for legends like Bunny Wailer, Dennis Brown and We The People Band. His father taught him to play the bass and he learned on his own the guitar. Working on Jamaica’s North Coast as resident bassist and entertainment manager at Club Caribbean, a chance encounter found him in Germany in 2000 working with Sierra-Leon singer, Patrice. From then on, Roughhouse established himself as a musician, producer and later, recording artist. He has however maintained his strong connection to Jamaica and has over the years performed and recorded with artists such as Tarrus Riley, Ken Boothe, President Brown, Andru Donalds, Junior Kelly, Kyenie and he shares credit of his latest effort “How was your day?” with Influential.

Ever true to the words ‘Our Past, Present and Future are all happening at once’ Roughhouse lives in each moment. This freedom allows his charismatic, creative and artistic abilities to always be his drivers for success.

The new release “How was your day?” is available on iTunes and Spotify. Click here or on image above to stream from Soundcloud. PR contact: L. Nicole Brown | | 876.378.5610

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