“Theory of Reggaetivity” by Agent Sasco considered one of the best Reggae Albums for 2016 (@AgentSasco)

theory-of-reggaetivityAs the year comes to an end, Reggae lovers, critics and enthusiasts are all weighing in on how the genre shaped up in 2016. As the Jamaican music continues to spread across the globe, it is constantly attracting new contributors. That being said, a lot of Reggae albums were released in 2016.

After reviewing all the top Reggae platforms and conversing with some of the industry’s harshest critics, we can confidently say that the general consensus seems to be that “Theory of Reggaetivity” by Assassin – also known as Agent Sasco – is considered one of the best Reggae albums for the year.

“Theory of Reggaetivity” features collaborations with Chronixx and Australian singer, Elesia Iimura. Featured producers on “Theory of Reggaetivity” are Ranch Entertainment, Silly Walks, Notis (Unga Barunga), Chimney Records, Notice Productions, Protoje’s Diggy British, Theo Butler and Niko Browne.

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  1. Theory Of Reggaetivity
  2. What Is Reggae? (AC, LC, JC Intro)
  3. Reggae Origins
  4. Health & Wealth
  5. LC (Intro)
  6. Feel Highrie
  7. Mix Up
  8. Crazy (feat. Elesia Iimura)
  9. Africa
  10. J.O.B. (Skit)
  11. Slave No More feat. Chronixx
  12. Stronger
  13. Day In Day Out
  14. Country Bus

Title: Theory of Reggaetivity
Artist: Assassin aka Agent Sasco
Producers: Various
Label: Germaica Digital
Release: February 19th, 2016


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