New Soca Release: Rupee & Ricardo Drue – No Name (@TheRealRupee @ITSDRUE)

no-nameSoca superstar Rupee and the 2016 Antigua Groovy Soca King Ricardo Drue combine on what is sure to be a theme and anthem for Trinidad carnival and beyond.Teaming up with the sizzling Red Boyz on production and the Rupee endorsed pen of JusD, “No Name” playfully ignites fresh, sweet pulsating Soca with the unique, musically fashionable tones and synths of the 80’s. It’s a perfect pairing of music and experiences that will resonate to grateful ears across the Caribbean and the diaspora. Click here to listen “No Name.”

Song: No Name
Artists: Rupee x Ricardo Drue
Written by: Jus D | Rupee | Ricardo Drue | De Red Boyz
Produced by: De Red Boyz
Executive Producer: RudeBoy Music
Background Vocals: Damian Marvay
Mixed by: Anthony Lohar, Commercial Music Inc.
Mastered by Alex Psaroudakis at Sterling Sound NY

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