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TV Show Launches 21st Hapilos Top 10 Digital Chart (@21sthapilos @thereleaseja)


21st Hapilos Digital Distribution has partnered with television programme The Release to launch the 21st Hapilos Top 10 Digital Chart in an effort to promote digital sales. The chart will feature songs/videos that receive high numbers of sales, downloads and streaming on over 200 different platforms including Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and Tidal to name a few.

The President for 21st Hapilos Digital Distribution Kelly Dudley shared “Hapilos Entertainment’s partnership with The Release was a no brainer for us, we are very passionate about the Jamaican music industry and The Release shares our passion”. Talisa Taylor, Executive Producer to The Release said “The Release’s former chart was based on local and international music trending online but now we have a chart based on digital distribution facts. This will definitely be a game changer for the music industry here in Jamaica”.

The Release is in its 2nd Season on CVM TV and HYPE TV. It is an entertainment and lifestyle program that features local and international releases and reviews in music, food, fashion, and technology. ‘The Release’ airs on CVM TV on Fridays 9:30 pm, with repeats Saturdays 10:00 pm and on Hype TV (Jamaica, Barbados,  St Lucia,  St Vincent & The Grenadines  and Antigua) on Tuesdays at 8:30 pm with repeats Thursdays and Saturdays 6:30 p.m.


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