Peppery Releases Long Awaited Battlefield Album (@pepperyworld)

peppery-press-photo-1Unlike the widespread propaganda on governmental warfare that’s usually reported in traditional media, news about Peppery’s Battlefield album have been circulating for months via the new age social media, whatsapp groups and emails. For those who were anticipating it, the wait is over. The album is now available to download on all major platforms, thanks to record label Ambiel Music.

The Title Track Battlefield has been receiving airplay on a number of radio stations worldwide since it was first emailed to various radio presenters and DJs in November of 2016. Naturally, a promo pack of the Album was also sent out before the official release date and a successful launch was held in Birmingham, UK where promotional CDs were given to some of the patrons attended.

Peppery is originally from Trelawny, Jamaica but has been living in Manchester, UK since the latter part of 2009. Although he is known for releasing a number of dancehall songs, this new album steers away from this sub-genre of reggae and instead pays homage to its roots. “It is a roots reggae based record but my involvement in various genres of music would not allow me at this time to do a complete reggae album,” explained Peppery.

This is an album that touches many aspects of love and life – the album that’s missing in your music collection, if it’s not already in there. Peppery is an artist who prides himself on not using profanity in his lyrics so needless to say, this album is free from such term.

Support Peppery by purchasing his music, also make sure that you take time to visit his brand new bandcamp page here: Or alternatively you can support the works by downloading mp3’s of his new album via the following link:

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