Reggae legend Don Carlos Releases New Single Entitled “Peace & Love”(@reggaegoneviral @DonCarlosReggae

don-carlosDon Carlos has become internationally renowned for smooth, positive uplifting reggae music and this song is no exception. The one drop rhythm accentuated with a heavy bassline and unique guitar work creates the perfect backdrop for Don’s classic laid back vocal delivery. This release has the perfect style to not only keep his longtime fans happy, but also introduce a new generation to one of the legendary voices of Jamaican Music.

 Peace and Love is also the name of an exciting concert tour coming soon through the African continent. The tour, organized by Reggae Gone Viral, will be seeing Don Carlos and a number of opening artists performing in countries like Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and more. This is a tour not to miss as Don will be performing both longtime hits from his catalog as well as new material. The last time Don performed in Africa he performed to crowds of over 100,000 people in Zambia.

With a career spanning almost 50 years, Don Carlos shows no signs of slowing down with Peace and Love. For More information contact Reggae Gone Viral at

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