JAMMS – Jamaica Music Society – to Begin Managing Artists and Musicians Rights (@JAMMS4music)


JAMMS is about to enter another important phase in its growth as a rights management organization.

They have been managing the rights of Record Producers for the past 10 years; however, they are now about to cover a wider range of rights-owners.

In a short while, JAMMS will begin managing the rights of Performers alongside their current management of Record Producers Rights. Performers as used here means Artists and Musicians.

They know that that there are some persons who may wear more than one cap where music is concerned and so for example there may be Record Producers who are also Performers. This means very soon JAMMS will be able to cover that individual as both a Producer and Performer.

It is necessary to point out however that some persons roles may or may not extend into other areas of music, for example, a Record Producer may also be a Composer or an Artist may also be a Songwriter.

JAMMS however WILL NOT be managing rights for ALL these various different rights-owners. The law does not allow a Collecting Society to manage rights which another Collecting Society is established to manage.

To be very clear, by JAMMS now taking on the management of Artists and Musicians Rights, it WILL NOT affect the rights managed by JACAP.

JACAP manages the rights of Songwriters, Composers and Publishers. Under the copyright laws these are different rights-owners from Artists and Musicians. In other words, persons who wear the cap of Artists and Musicians will come to JAMMS for representation while persons who wear the cap of Songwriters and Composers will continue to go to JACAP for representation. For more information please visit their official website via the following link: http://www.jammsonline.com


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