Very few artist have the ability to capture the imagination of an audience in today’s content driven society and the Iconic GRAMMY Award-winning Morgan Heritage have produced a two-part series into the making of the new album that has done that and with music lovers across the globe. The album name, Avrakedabra, and its mystical album cover artwork had been kept a secret leading up to the “Journey Into” video series when part one dropped last week at Huffington Post and is continued this week on Yahoo! Music. Already garnering top-tier worldwide attention, Avrakedabra will be released on May 19th, 2017 with pre-orders going live on March 17th.

Part two of the series dives deeper into the roots of the band, and the special bond the family shares. The Morgan legacy has remained strong from the initial success of Denroy Morgan’s “I’ll Do Anything For You” Billboard chart topping hit record, all the way down to the latest release from Jemere Morgan, who is the son of Gramps in the group. The Morgan family has remained busy laying down the foundation, and paving the future for Reggae music. True to Huffington Post’s claim of “Reggae history in the making,” Avrakedabra will represent Reggae from its roots, to the present, the future, and beyond by mixing in fresh modern styles with timeless elements of Reggae.

The album, which is their best work to date, will play host to some heavyweight featured appearances. With Kabaka Pyramid and Dre Island leading the front for the younger generation, multi-GRAMMY Award-winning Ziggy Marley and Stephen Marley also lend their talents to the collaborative mix. GRAMMY, Emmy, and Dove Award-winning producer Shannon Sanders guides the group’s vision behind the mixing console. Avrakedabra will mark a new era for the group, as the main production team slimmed down to a power trio of Peetah, Mojo, and Gramps.

Be sure to be on the lookout for more info on Avrakedabra in the coming weeks as the band gears up for the Avrakedabra World Tour

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