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Etuk Ubong Releases New Album “Tales Of Life” (@EtukUbong)

Akon & Etuk Ubong

Nigerian born, South African based and World Acclaimed Trumpeter ETUK UBONG is a maverick on the Horn, bringing to Life an almost magical semblance with every tune.

Among the Wynton Marsalis, Louis Armstrong and so on; Etuk Ubong has not only grown to the level of these great talents, but has astonishingly raised the bar displaying passion in every sound. It wont be long before he joins the hall of fame for great trumpeters from Africa.

This amazing instrumentalist was featured on the Gabon school of music project which was hosted at the world’s famous Berklee School of Music (USA) in 2016 with the likes of Akon, Davido and more.

He has just released a new album titled “TALES OF LIFE.” Composed and arranged by Etuk Ubong, it was recorded at Vita Studio in Lagos Nigeria and Mixed and Mastered by Oluwadamilare Akinyede at the Alpha June Studio, Nigeria.


BUY ALBUM ON ITUNES: https://itun.es/ng/x7Q0hb
ANDROID TECNO BOOM: http://android.tecno-boom.com:8080/BoomPlayer/share/shareCol?colID=48605
YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/6Heox5VbBeY

BhekiYende – Album Cover
Etuk Ubong: Trumpet Voice Flugel horn
Taiwo Ibidun: Trumpet
Raphael Lasisi: Tenor Saxophone
Timothy Ogunbiyi: Keyboard
Emmanuel Akinloye: Bass
Benjamin James: Drums

1. Battle for peace
2. Drawing Room
3. Genesis
4. Story
5. Suddenly
6. Tales Of Life
7. The Earth Meditation
8. Uyai Mi Margaret



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