Ghana’s Music Legend Bob Pinodo Announces New Band – “Gold Crest Band” (@BPinodoOfficial)

Story by: Adokwei Addo

bob pinodo

His Excellency the president of the republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in his inaugural address said, “We must create wealth and restore happiness to our nation. We can only do this when we have an educated and skilled population that is capable of competing in the global economy”. Bob Pinodo a music stalwart and educationist has held fast to this view and the fact that music once done professionally, will not only bring jobs but also serve as a catalyst to transform Ghana’s economy.

Having taught music at the University of Education (U.E.W), for ten (10) years the once senior research tutor at the university has brought together some of his students, all alumina of  the university to form a band  called “Gold Crest”. The aim of the band is to serve as an Ambassador of Ghanaian music, representing and presenting the rich variety of African Rhythms to the world. In his own words “this is a band we have put together to demonstrate what i taught at the University, in last ten (10) years. All members of the band are professionals, some into education and others in the security service. An assembly of masters, each is gainfully employed playing a leading role in his or her organization, be it band, church or school. What i revere most about members of “the Gold Crest band” is our high sense of discipline and respect” Bob said.

“I have identified the seizures in live band music production and performances across the country, as the main reason Ghanaian music no longer sells internationally, like it did in my days and those of ET Mensah and OSIBISA. By this development i am challenging all musicians especially the youthful ones and venue owners to help revive and relive the live band culture that once made our industry vibrant and profitable”.

On Friday, March 24, 2017, “Gold Crest” will be “outdoored” at the newly refurbished Golden Key Club, near the Ghana Telecom University in Abeka; where the band rehearses, and which proprietor also doubles as a band patron. The band promises to entreat its maiden audience to some francophone music, highlife and a repetoire of the show master of Africa, Bob Pinodo.

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