Nigerian Artist Bigstreet Releases New Single “Oyege” (@Realbigstreet @bethebestmusic)


Righteous Nwabueze Odili AKA Bigstreet finally releases his debut single under BTB records.With the flow of 2Baba, the vocal range of Banky W and the tone of Flavour n’abania, Bigstreet entertains with the body swaying mellow “Oyege” meaning “Beautiful Woman”. A love song about a captivating and charismatic beauty the singer is infatuated with.

The single starts off as RnB, slowly progressing into a medium tempo but mainstream pop sound before seamlessly flowing into a distinct highlife sound before ending in a crescendo signed by the eponymous producer. The song climaxes as it breaks down into the bridge where the singer displays his eastern Nigerian roots and professes his love in Igbo. His voice though sweet and airy, possesses a slight husk; a tell-tale sign of the street hustle he endured for many years in order to debut his music to the world. The intermittent chiming bells and light horns towards the end of the track, paint a picture of anticipated victory and celebration with loved ones; a wedding song for the club perhaps?

Whichever way you choose to swing it, “Oyege,” is a feel good music at its best. The radio friendly, repetitive chorus and groovy beat engraves the song in the minds of listeners. “Oyege” was produced by hit maker Don L37 and released under BTB Records. Click here to listen & download.

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