New Roots Reggae Video: WurlRootz Band ft. Mikey General – Blackman (@WurlRootz @MikeyGeneral7)

Mikey General Blackman

The official video for the powerful track “Blackman” by WurlRootz Band featuring Mikey General was released on April 7th. Below is a thoughtful statement about both the video and song, written by the group. Click here or on the image above to watch the video and remember to like, comment and share.

“Our History did not start with slavery nor can it end there. The celebration of who we are is so much more than Feb. 1st thru Feb. 28th annually… We are proud of the strong black men who sacrificed their lives for our freedom and our social and economic stability. As such, we honor them with this video and we also dedicate it to our strong blackman of today. We hope that it will strenghten our black communities and give our black youths a sense of pride, dignity and selfworth. We must believe in ourselves and encourage and uplift the young blackman of today. It is up to us to teach them who they are and educate them about the strong history that has been kept from them. In doing so, we may change the direction of where some of them are heading.”

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