Action Blaxxs – Biography (@ActionBlaxxs)

ActionSteven Omar Black, more popularly known as Action Blaxxs, is an emerging Dancehall Recording Artist who is currently getting a lot of attention because of his aggressive style and catchy punch lines.

Born and raised in the Melbrook Heights community in Kingston, Jamaica, Steven grew up with his older brother and sister as both his parents left when he was still a child (his Dad relocated to Canada and his Mom, based on differences she had with his father, simply left the family). Growing up in a home with no adult supervision and/or guidance was extremely challenging but he successfully rose to the challenge. He now strongly believes that he’s capable of withstanding any hardship precisely because of all the difficulties he had to endure while growing up without his parents.

He attended St. Benedict Primary and then went on to Donald Quarrie High school. While at Donald Quarrie he got the opportunity to join his father in Canada, which is where he now resides.

While most twelve year old boys were busy playing with toys and/or friends, Steven was focused on writing his first song. He initially got into music because of his cousin, Simon Splinter, who was an aspiring reggae artist at the time. Simon would encourage him to write songs and would even act as a support for young Steven, allowing him to DJ/chant on P.A. systems. Though he penned his first lyrics at age twelve, he did not do any actual studio recording until he was nineteen years old. It was then, in his late teens, that he began to seriously consider a career as a dancehall artist. In his mid-twenties he adopted the name Action Blaxxs; a name given to him by his peers who all saw him as a man of action.

Inspired by artists such as Bounty Killer, Beenie Man and Buju Banton, he eventually released his first official song years later. The track was called “hustle everyday” and it served as the launching point for Action Blaxxs’ entry into the Dancehall Music Industry.

Fast forward to 2017 and Action Blaxxs is now getting a lot of recognition for his recent release, “drink fi drunk,” which many are calling a street anthem. He is also getting ready to share what he hopes will be another catchy tune, this one is entitled “tears.” Both songs were produced by Kevin Thunder from Heart to Heart Records 101.

In addition to recording new music for his soon to be released EP, he’s also got some upcoming appearances in the Caribbean. These include several live performances and radio interviews.

Anyone wanting to work with Action Blaxxs should contact his team via any of the following phone numbers: 1.647.781.4537, 1.647.769.9334, 1.876.408.8109 or 1.876.585.1008. His management can also be reached via email:




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