Freddie McGregor To Be Awarded For His Contribution To Music – Jamaica (@BigshipFreddie)

Freddy-McGregorFreddie McGregor will on Thursday May 25, 2017 receive the prestigious Silver Musgrave Awards for his contribution to the arts through music at the Institute of Jamaica in Kingston. Mr. McGregor is highly appreciative of this award and shares that he feels most appreciated when celebrated at home especially for awards selected by the cultural and creative community to which he belongs. “To be given an award in the same category as the Honorable Louise Bennett and Professor Rex Nettleford is really heartwarming for various reasons as it a testament to the fact that Reggae music is appreciated among all classes of Jamaicans whether uptown, downtown, political or academic.”

Mr. McGregor is just returning to Jamaica after a European tour and looks forward to the ceremony where he will receive this honor. His tour schedule is evidence of a stalwart whose music remains relevant to audiences all over the world. The consummate music professional, Mr. McGregor is excited to continue doing what he believes he does best and furthering his contribution to society through the opening of the legendary Big Ship Recording Studio to talented youth, performing for charity and encouraging economic empowerment through agriculture or music business.

With over fifty years in the music industry, Freddie believes he has the formula to be on the scene for many more years sharing it comfortably with a new generation of musicians whom he encourages to not become caught up in the glamourous side of the business but place value on a authenticity, professionalism, dedication and hard work which he believes are the reasons for his success. With his catalogue of classics inclusive of the signature Big Ship, Push Come to Shove, Prophecy and his successful 2016 “True to My Roots” album, with a Silver Musgrave Freddie McGregor remains The Captain of his own ship.

About Musgrave Awards
The Musgrave Medal is one of the oldest awards of its kind in the Western Hemisphere and awarded by the Institute of Jamaica in recognition of achievement in art, science, and literature. Presented for the first time in 1897, it was introduced as a memorial to Sir Anthony Musgrave, who founded the IOJ in 1879, during his tenure as Governor of Jamaica. A Gold medal is awarded for distinguished eminence, Silver for outstanding merit, and Bronze for merit in the fields of literature, science or art.

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