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Hip-hop, much like Reggae and Dancehall, is another genre that Jamaicans can claim as their own. This is because the founding fathers all admit that they were influenced by early Jamaican music. Jamaicans were chanting, or talking in melody, rhymes and creative slangs way before Kool Herc invented hip-hop in the early 70’s in the Bronx. Furthermore, Clive “Kool Herc” Campbell was born in Kingston, Jamaica, so that solidifies the statement made earlier; Hip-Hop is Jamaican Music.

New York battle rapper, Nedley Anderson, more popularly known as Deadly, believes this is why he had to return to his Jamaican roots.

Deadly’s career in music really started in the streets of Port Antonio, Jamaica. Even as a child, he rushed every stage with his gritty persona. He migrated to the United States in the mid 80’s and immediately fell in love with hip-hop. He brought his Jamaican attitude to the genre much the way Busta Rhymes did. His true artistic works, however, were done in underground basements in what is commonly known as battle rap. It is there that he would lyrically slay his competition with his DEADLY words. He quickly became popular in both New Jersey and New York and was soon signed by Brian Cooper of Diehard Records. He released several singles: “Cool’n,” SayaPraya,” “C’mon Witcha BadSelf” and “I Got More Flavaz Than U.”

While he was tearing up stages in New York City in clubs like SOBs, Tilt and Paladium in the early nineties, he had a strong feeling that he was being called back home to Jamaica.

Not long after, due to circumstances beyond his control, he did return to the island. He continued to make music, though he slightly altered his style and delivery. People began noticing his unique and soulful, yet melodious delivery in songs like “Abundance of Water,” “Jamaversary” and “Home Wrecker.” Popular radio personality, Ron Muchette, has played “Home Wrecker” almost as a morning staple and calls Deadly ‘The smoothest rapper he has ever heard.’

Deadly believes that this is just the beginning. His watery flow can be heard in his latest release, a song called “Beggy Beggy.” An instant earworm; the kids only have to hear it once and they’re able to sing every word in the chorus after that. Deadly is also excited about a couple other unreleased tracks that he is currently working on.

In this world where the creativity in music is at an all-time low, please keep your ears out for Deadly. Because his creative mind, American experience, and Jamaican roots is setting the stage for some truly unique musical sounds, subjects, and ideas. Deadly has just started his Alfamatic Label at The C.R.A.S.H. COURSE Media Center, in Port Antonio. He plans to flood the world with the memorable scenes in this tourist destinations in upcoming music videos. His music is not the typical hip-hop songs about girls, guns, glitter, and gold. No, he raps with melody from his heart about Jamaican lifestyle and the things that affects Jamaican people. This makes him truly original in the world of hip-hop.

Anyone wanting to work with Deadly should send an email to


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