Thriller U Will Do Five Radio Interviews Today! (@thriller_u @nyahblessmusic)

ThrillerAs he continues the aggressive promotion of his recently released song and video, “Non Genuine,” Thriller U is set to do five radio interviews today.

The first will be on Dash Eye Radio at 3PM with host Dash Eye. At 4:30PM he will be on Real Deal FM, on the popular “The Wednesday Wave” show with DJ Unknown. In the evening, at 6:45PM, he will be in studio with Richie Pooh on “Retro Wednesday’s” which airs on Future FM. Immediately after, at 8:30 PM, he will rush over to Linkage Radio for another in studio sit down, this one with Cruz Control on his “Up Top Wednesday’s” radio program. His last interview for the day will be on WRSU 88.7 FM at 9:30 PM with Teddy Genesis.

As if that’s not enough, the following day, June 15th, he will do another interview, this one on Reggae King Radio at 5PM with Kerry Ann Brown.

His next live performance will be in Toronto, Canada on June 18th. Click here to watch the official video for “Non Genuine.”

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