Alison Hinds’ Bio (@AlisonHinds)


Alison Hinds (born 1 June 1970) is a female soca artist from the Caribbean island of Barbados. She is one of the most popular soca singers in the world and has unofficially been given the nickname the “Queen of Soca.” She has produced many popular songs that top charts even in countries which do not widely listen to soca.

In 1986, Hinds joined the soca band Square One. At first this band performed mostly in bars and clubs, but later they became a top Soca band, bringing soca to a new level. Alison produced her first hit in the year 1996, “Ragamuffin.” That song made her win road march of that year for Kadooment (Barbados’ Carnival). The following year she repeated road march and also won The Party Monarch with another hit “Twister”. Alison was the first woman to ever win these titles in Barbados. This led to Hinds’ role as the lead singer in the band. Next, Square One created an album called “Full Bloom”. This album took over the Caribbean. It included the song Faluma,” which was the top song in the Caribbean for the period of 1999-2000. It toped the charts of Guatemala for 49 weeks. It was during this period that Hinds’ popularity grew. Square One continued to produce hits until 2004 when it broke up – partly due to Hinds’ departure.

Currently Alison Hinds lives with her family, husband Edward Walcott and daughter Saharan (born May 5th, 2004), on a horse farm in Barbados. She has her own band, “The Alison Hinds Show”. This band was formed in 2005 when Hinds returned to the soca scene with the hit song “Roll It Gal” which is an anthem for young women and encourages them to have pride in themselves. In 2006 the song was still popular. Hinds is the main singer and most of the members of the band are young dancers and musicians. She also produced a song called “Love Affair.” Since she returned to music she has recorded a collaboration with Machel Montano for the the remix of “Roll It Gal.”

2 thoughts on “Alison Hinds’ Bio (@AlisonHinds)

  1. Who write this article is rude she is officially the queen of soca I find it disrespectful that who ever write this change what’s on Google and write unofficial, she is been the queen of soca for 31 years and counting. Let me give an example do y’all think some body could write an article about Michael Jackson and call him the unofficial king of pop that’s a big no no so I don’t know why in the Caribbean when people write these article they tend to disrespect our artist so it’s just sad….


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