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Jamaica’s ‘Main Street Crew’ Now Accepting Bookings (@RedRatMusic @GeneralDegree)

Main Street Crew

Reuniting after a 15-year-long split, Main Street Crew members, comprising of Red Rat, Mr G (aka Goofy), Hawkeye, General Degree, Buccaneer and Lady G are embarking on a new venture. They are now giving their thousands of fans all over the world an opportunity to re-live the 90’s.

Goofy‘s Brush Yuh Teeth, Buccaneer‘s Bruk Out, Red Rat‘s Shelly-Anne and Nuh Live Nuh Weh with Chrissy D, General Degree‘s Hold You Tonight, Traffic Blocking and Granny as well as Arrest Mi Officer by Hawkeye are just a few of the hits from the Main Street Crew that dominated the 90’s.

Promoters, Festivals, Venues, Booking Agents etc. are encouraged to send an email to for information about hiring this crew.


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