Jamaica’s ‘Main Street Crew’ Now Accepting Bookings (@RedRatMusic @GeneralDegree)

Main Street Crew

Reuniting after a 15-year-long split, Main Street Crew members, comprising of Red Rat, Mr G (aka Goofy), Hawkeye, General Degree, Buccaneer and Lady G are embarking on a new venture. They are now giving their thousands of fans all over the world an opportunity to re-live the 90’s.

Goofy‘s Brush Yuh Teeth, Buccaneer‘s Bruk Out, Red Rat‘s Shelly-Anne and Nuh Live Nuh Weh with Chrissy D, General Degree‘s Hold You Tonight, Traffic Blocking and Granny as well as Arrest Mi Officer by Hawkeye are just a few of the hits from the Main Street Crew that dominated the 90’s.

Promoters, Festivals, Venues, Booking Agents etc. are encouraged to send an email to generaldegreebookings@gmail.com for information about hiring this crew.

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