Live Album Release From Bob Andy & Marcia Griffiths (@BobAndyMusic @RealMarciaG)

Marcia & BobBOB ANDY & MARCIA GRIFFITHS – LIVE AT RAZOR’S PALACE “AN EVENING WITH BOB ANDY AND MARCIA GRIFFITHS,” is a double CD packed with 24 songs. It is one of the most entertaining and interactive live reggae albums. Recorded in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on July 9th 1995, the collection features renditions of their popular songs as solo artistes and a duet.

The legendary Bob Andy and Marcia Griffiths started in the music business as solo singers, although early in their careers they recorded as a duo. They released gems such as Really Together and Welcome You Back Home for Clement ‘Sir Coxson’ Dodd’s Studio One label.

Not long after, they moved to the Harry J label, hitting international charts with a cover of Nina Simone’s “Young, Gifted And Black”; they quickly followed with their rendition of The Pied Piper.” These achievements led to tours of Europe and other parts of the world.

Bob and Marcia subsequently recorded four duet albums; “Young, Gifted And Black,” “The Pied Piper,” “Really Together” and “Sweet Memories,” which cemented an enduring working relationship. They have sporadically toured as a duet, while continuing to pursue their respective solo careers.

Captured in these live recordings at the exquisite Razor’s Palace are elements that have gelled these two phenomenal artists in studio and on stage. An Evening with Bob And Marcia showcase their witty interactions with the audience and superb performances as they improvise and synchronize the original recordings.

So, whether you choose to listen to them individually or together, the opportunity is there to enjoy the entire show. Disc One comprises 10 tracks while Disc Two consists 14 tracks, available digitally and physically.

Produced by Danny Breakenridge, Executive Producers Upstairs Music
Available on iTunes and all digital outlets
Distributed physically in the US by VP Records.
And in the Caribbean & Jamaica by Tad’s Record

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