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JLAWREMONE Biography (@jlawremone)

Photo of jlawremoneAndre Remone Whittle, more popularly known as jlawremone, is a pop, reggae and dancehall artist based in New Paltz, New York.

Andre grew up with his grandparents in Kingston, Jamaica, but he spent most of his summer vacations in the UK with relatives. Unfortunately, his biological dad was not in his life and his mother migrated when he was only 3 years old. However, at age 19 he reconnected with his mom, who was then happily married to man who would later become one of Andre’s biggest supporters. Upon arriving in New York, he attended SUNY Orange Community College and then went on to the State University of New York. While in school, he got involved in, and developed a passion for, football (soccer). Andre also earned an Associate Degree and Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Accounting, and was convinced that this would be the field in which he would make a living.

That being said, in 2013 something happened that would change Andre’s life forever. Sadly, that year he lost his older brother, someone he had a very a close relationship with. As a result, he made some significant changes. He decided then and there to get into music as a way of honoring his brother who was, according to Andre, the real singer in the family. He also began calling himself jlawremone, which is basically his brother’s initials (jlaw) and his middle name (remone) combined. With this, he insist on having the j at the beginning of his name always in lower case as it represents the humility his brother usually displayed.

To jump start his music career, jlawremone used his natural song writing ability along with his people skills to score a couple of noteworthy collaborations. The first was with Jamaican dancehall artist Tajji on a single called “Girls World” and the second was with popular emerging artist Javon J on “Temporary Love.” The reaction from members of the public to the release of both tracks is proof positive that though jlawremone got into the music business as a result of a tragedy, this is definitely where he belongs.

As he continues to push forward, he is now working on a possible record with popular dancehall artist Kranium. Additionally, he has just released the official video for “Temporary Love” and is working with his team on the song’s promotion.

Anyone wanting to work with jlawremone, in any capacity, may do so by sending an email to him at Persons are also encouraged to follow him on all his social media sites: Facebook (, Twitter ( and Instagram (



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