Congratulations to Semira Hissabu who won a vacation in Jamaica c/o the 2017 Aarhus Reggae Festival

winner at aarhus reggae festSemira Hissabu, a recent Biomedical Engineer Graduate from DTU and KU, won the gate prize at the 2017 Aarhus Reggae Festival. Though Semira’s family is from Ethiopia, she was actually born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. As someone who loves to travel, Semira says that she is looking forward to this vacation as she is a certified diver and
would love to go diving on the island. The prize is for two so she will be taking a guest with her.

The two weeks Country-style Vacation includes:
Arrival – Montego Bay
2 days – Cedar Ridge B&B with Arlene McKenzie
3 days – Hummingbird Resort Negril (Cliffside) – tour to Orange Bay Village Hanover
2 days – Two Seasons Guest House – Treasure Beach (Tour to Beeston Spring and YS Falls en route to Treasure Beach)
3 days – Mandeville Hotel – community experience tour to Resource Village & coffee factory
2 days – Country Home Homestay Mandeville – Marvelous Mandeville tour

This vacation package was organized by COCAVAT in collaboration with the Aarhus Reggae Festival.

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