Hitman Walle’s Bio (@HitmanWalleProd)

HitmanHitman Walle was born on March 11 in Spanish Town, Jamaica where he was raised by his father and grandmother. He grew up surrounded by music with his father being a singer and his grandmother a leader in her church choir. By the time he was about 8 years old he was already testing out his talents in the church and would soon be Djaying in the streets gathering quite a crowd.

Hitman Walle has been electrifying audiences for over fifteen years now and began his professional career by working with Creation High Power. While working with them, he recorded his songs, “Man ago cuss woman,” “Karate,” “Car Key,” and “Before you lie down.”

After working with Creation High Power, Hitman Walle decided to try his luck at performing live with his first big show being “Reggae Kwanzaa.” It was after this performance that he was asked to join the Kwanzaa Group and recorded “Big heel boot” and “The whole world.” However, this match up was not meant to be and Hitman Walle soon moved on to record such songs as “Love you same way” with other producers.

It was during this time that Hitman Walle was introduced to a producer named Linval Gibbons. Linval helped Hitman Walle to get on stage for Teen Splash and to start building his career and a name for himself. Before he new it, he was getting airtime on such radio stations as Irie Fm, Hits Fm, Zip Fm, Mellow Fm and the Hot 102.

In 1999, Hitman Walle worked with Mallory Williams to produce the song “Reggae cha-cha-cha” which reached number 14 on the reggae charts in Michigan. He also recorded “Don’t hurt the star” and “Cellular a ring” with Shaka Pow. Unfortunately, just as Hitman Walle’s career should have been taking off, tragedy struck. His older brother and manager was tragically taken from him in a car accident that left him devastated.

After a 3 year break from his music, Hitman Walle met his current manager Donovan Carter. Together with Donovan, he began to put his career back on track. He began to perform live again and recorded many songs like “Go away poverty”, Inna di ghetto,” “Wanted man,” “Survival game,” “Good star” and “Garbage truck.”

Over his career, Hitman Walle has had the pleasure to work in Canada, The United States and Jamaica. He has also worked with such artists as Lady Saw, Lady G, Kiprich, Sean Paul, Shaggy, John Holt, Elephant Man, Kartel, Bounty Killer, Mavado, Merciless and many more. And he has been heard at a variety of venues such as Full Black, Fully Loaded, Bling Dawg Summer Bash, Spring Break, Dilla Clash, Reggae Fever, Sting 2011, the Irie Fm Road Shows and the GT Taylor Show.

Currently, Hitman Walle is back in the studio working hard on his new song about what he loves most, Jamaica. And doing what he does best, making music.

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