Roots Reggae Artist Zally Releases Single Addressing Injustice & Abuse Of Power (@ZallyBuff)

zally prJamaican born, Florida based, roots reggae artist, Zally, recently released a very powerful record in which he unapologetically lashes out at politicians who consistently abuse their power.

As a committed Rastafarian, Zally believes in making music that educates as well as entertains. Hence, after noticing the constant ill treatment (by members of the U.S. government) of many immigrants from different nations, he felt compelled to write a song addressing what he sees as injustice and an abuse of power. The song is titled “One World” and it was officially released on September 5th on his own independent label. DJs/Selectors, particularly those with radio programs, have been strongly supporting the record because of its substantive message.

“One World” is available for download/stream on all digital music platforms such as: iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify, Google Play etc. That being said, disc-jockeys wanting a promo copy of the song should send an email to


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