Lenn Hammond – 2017 Biography (@lennhammond)

Lenn lalalaLenn Hammond is a singer, songwriter who taught himself to play the guitar, is on a musical mission to contribute positively to society. Using his falsetto over soulful beats, Lenn seeks to uplift and effect positive changes in everyone he meets, everywhere he goes, and to all who listen to his music.

Lenn is best known for love, romance and dissecting relationships’ growing pains in his songs. Critiquing the system, observing nature, and enjoying life are all recurring subject matter. He recently collaborated with Exco Levi on the remix of Tek U Fi Life – an ode of love and commitment and another collaboration with Blizz “Happy Face” both tracks due for release on various projects.

Always writing and recording, Hammond is preparing the stage for his next single, End of Innocence, a poignant and timely reflection of the situations girls and young women face. “I think it’s one of his finest songs!” said MAdCast- Fuji of Radio Regent’s ItaL rOOts RaDio, continuing “I love how the plucking of the guitar strings pulls you into the song and tugs at your heart strings.”

Lenn, a musical nomad, travels wherever his music takes him. In recent times, Lenn has answered the call in Japan, across Canada and in Europe. Europe offered the opportunity to spend over a year in London recording with various UK producers, including Chris Peckings among others.

In spring and summer of this year Lenn spent some time in Germany where he did a series of promotional appearances which were well received The Netherlands hosted Lenn Hammond’s first European show accompanied by a band, at the Luxor in Arnhem. That show saw people claiming a new good find.

A JUNO and multiple-award winner, Lenn Hammond was written into Canada’s music history, paving the way for many of his Reggae contemporaries.

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