Wormbass – Biography (@Wormbass20)

WormbassWormBass, is a renowned, yet humble musician whose repertoire includes playing, producing, and writing with and for a list of who’s who in this business. He has played countless bass lines in recording studios and on stages across the globe with some of the biggest names in Reggae.

Thus having earned his place in Reggae music history, WormBass feels that at this point in his career, it’s time to change the plan. “I have things I want to say, things I want people to know that the bass just couldn’t say, so singing is a must. I’m not new in this; I’m just continuing the journey and expanding my horizons.”

His recent feature on Canada’s largest online news site, The Star.com, in an article entitled Jamaicans love their music and it’s music to love is only the beginning for WormBass.

“My debut album, Control, is a gift from me to the world. It’s about truths, rights, justice, and love. It’s dealing with the truth, the album is the truth.”

The collection of songs on Control is filled with poetic lyrics, social commentaries and themes of revolution, all penned by WormBass. Accompanying him on the project are some of Jamaica’s best known musicians alongside others who are getting their first break. Such is the case for Davin Thomas who makes his debut on keys and earns production credits on the album.

“Jamaica my born land, me love it…” begins the album’s first single, Bring Back the Paradise, a fast paced, reggae infused dance track, laced with a throbbing bass line. The song calls for a return of the positive Jamaican ways of old. “The paradise I’m speaking of is the joy in the simple things like childhood games, respect for elders; passing an elder and not greeting them was unacceptable when I was a youth. Today it’s the norm. I’m talking about the days before guns and video games were plaguing our youth. These are things we must change,” laments Wormbass, born Delroy Nevin.

“We’re living in fear and in denial, we’re denying ourselves of the true paradise we have in Jamaica. Let’s bring back the paradise. It’s on a dance beat, but it is a very serious song, we don’t want it to be a pressure, we want it to be a joy, we want you to dance too while you’re listening to it, bring that fun; we want people to understand without stressing them. Let’s go out and start dancing with one another. Let’s start having some fun again. We didn’t want it to sound sad.” The song, a co-production with Michael McDonald, began appearing on playlists in North America in the first quarter of 2011.

The single’s release led to performances at the prestigious, Thursday Night Live at Christopher’s Jazz Café inside the Quad Night Club in New Kingston; Jamcka Music Fest, a collaboration of artists from Jamaica and Canada performing to raise funds for schools; and an Emancipation Day Concert at the hotel Swept Away, in Negril.

The final quarter of this year will see the release of WormBass’ next cut from Control, entitled The Plan which was co-arranged with keyboardist Davin Thomas, and features the Global Battle of the Bands’ winning drummer, Jubba White (Dubtonic Kru), guitarist Ian “Beezy” Coleman (Ziggy Marley), and on brass: Samuel Grant, Romeo Gray and Everton Gayle. Like the rest of the album, the music on this one is as rich as its universal messages. Expect to hear more!

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