Lt. Stitchie Lashes Out At Churches & Reclaims His Title As ‘Dancehall Governor’

undisputedLt. Stitchie’s video, which was shared on his new YouTube channel on January 15th, was unexpected and somewhat shocking to his fans and supporters. It’s for the track “Undisputed,” a song that talks about the hypocrisies and self-serving attitude of some churches. The first words uttered by Lt. Stitchie on the record are: “judgement start first in the house of the Lord.”

The outspoken DJ did not hold back as he criticized the churches for their desire to rule and control as oppose to reaching out to sinners. He went on to say that they – referring to the churches – have so many things in their lives that needs to be cleaned up but instead they seem to focus more on what others are doing.

The video, which was shot in Spanish Town, conveyed the same raw, aggressive sentiments as the words. It has many asking if Lt. Stitchie is at odds with any particular church or person.

“Undisputed” is on the Life 101 Riddim by Blakkwuman22 Music and the video was shot and edited by Maria Jackson Entertainment.

Watch the official video for “Undisputed” by clicking here or on the image above.

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