Ruach Ru’s Biography (@RuachRu)

Ruach - Smile A WhileNestled in the rural hills of St. Andrew, just outside Kingston, the capital of the tropical Island, Jamaica, Ruach Ru grew.  Close to nature with a view of the Caribbean Sea bordering the harbour of Kingston, life in a closely knit family filled with music and singing inspired young Ruach to begin writing at an early age. A love of family fostered a love for people which evolved into a desire to see all people equally empowered to become their best self.

The Island of Jamaica’s unique cultural mix, musical influences and unique musical expression reggae created a fire in the heart of this artiste to be, giving birth to a desire for self-expression through combining word and musical vibration, creating sound and power.

The choice to embrace the call to music resulted in the release of her first single If We Believe in 2013. Since then Ruach has shared with the planet a nine track EP titled Evolution and singles Watering I which won for itself “Best Reggae Ballard February 2016” from the Akademia Music Awards, as well as her most recent release Mr. Player Man.

Ruach Ru writes thoughtful and thought provoking music about complex subjects; life, love, relationships, violence and peace, questioning the reasons why, the what if’s and the possibilities.

Since entering the music industry, Ruach has been fortunate enough to have worked with producers such as Syl Gordon of Cell Block Studio and has pending projects with Sly Dunbar and Rory Baker from the TAXI family.

Work on upcoming projects includes the future release of a seven track EP and twelve track album.

If you would like to know more about Ruach, to get a copy of her latest single or just to chat, feel free to connect with her on her social media pages, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or via the contact information below.





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