Artekal Music Reggae Streaming Service Launches to Smartphone Users in Jamaica (@artekalmusic)

ArtekalReggae music in Jamaica has a new dedicated streaming home as the Artekal Music streaming service launches to Jamaican smartphone users. Artekal music joins the music streaming fray with a focus on the reggae music genre and Jamaican smartphone users.

The streaming service offers mobile apps on IOS and Android phones with all users getting 30 day trials to kick the tires. Music is delivered and segmented into the various sub-genres of reggae music. Those being roots rock, lovers rock, dancehall, ska, dub, and Mento.

The service is also launching with the Relevant Reggae Music podcast hosted by UK based radio DJ Mix Master Jay, with veteran artist Shinehead gearing up to launch his exclusive music podcast on the service, with more to follow. Artekal Music president Jamahl Hannah said “reggae has gone from a feature to a solo”, further clarifying that while reggae music is available on other platforms, it gets top billing on Artekal Music. The service aims to serve the Jamaican audience of reggae lovers who appreciate consistent unfiltered, un-curated access to their favorite artists and songs.

Artekal is available to all Jamaican iPhone and Android smartphone users as a primary mobile app focused on the local music scene. The growing Jamaican smartphone user base increasingly relies on smartphones to be informed, connected, and entertained with Artekal Music now being a primary music option. The Artekal Music streaming service is free for 30 days to all users with no payment initially required to create an account and stream music. Artekal Music is also providing an easy solution for music lovers who want continued access to be able to do so easily via a monthly subscription via local payment options.

Artekal will provide access to releases, old and new, from music industry creatives. With additional partner announcements coming, cable service subscribers will also get access to the Artekal Music streaming service as part of their cable subscription via a “Music and Entertainment” bundle. Providing an organic way for music makers and music lovers to connect on a reggae music purpose-built platform that allows music lovers to have an impact supporting local musicians by rewarding artist and producer creativity without a filter or third party curation.

Artekal Music is a reggae music streaming subscription service with locations in Morant Bay, St. Thomas and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company also delivers an online reggae magazine published through its blog called the Artekal Big Chune blog. The service works with reggae music creatives and distributors to deliver the best editorial and curatorial reggae music experience on the plant. Artekal’s goal is being the premier destination for reggae music discovery and consumption.


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